Big Data and Hadoop (Certification Courses) by Enhelion

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Overview of Big Data and Hadoop (Certification Courses) by Enhelion

This unique certificate programme Introduces the basic and fundamental terminologies, concepts and enabling technologies associated with Big Data. It inculcates practical ability and skills to understand and design solutions to real world big data problems. The certificate programme builds mastered skills by Practical Oriented Assignments, Problems and Case studies for professional career in Big Data.

Table of contents


Introduction to Hadoop:

1.What is Hadoop?

2.Why Hadoop?

3.History of Hadoop

4.Use cases of Hadoop

5.RDBMS vs Hadoop

6.When to use and when not to use Hadoop

Hadoop Ecosystem:

1.Hardware and Software Requirements

2.HDFS: Hadoop Distributed File System:

3.Significance of HDFS in Hadoop

4.Features of HDFS

5.Name Node and its functionality

6.Data Node and its functionality

7.Secondary Name Node and its functionality

8.Job Tracker and its functionality

9.Task Tracker and its functionality


Data Storage in Hadoop:

1.Data Storage in HDFS

2.Data replication

3.Accessing HDFS

4.CLI (Command Line Interface) and admin commands

5.Java Based Approach

Using Hadoop:

1.Download Hadoop

2.Installation and set-up of Hadoop

3.Start-up & Shut down process

Map Reduce Framework:

1.Map Reduce Introduction

2.Map Reduce Architecture

3.How Map Reduce works

4.Developing Map Reduce

5.Map Reduce Programming Model

6.Different phases of Map Reduce Algorithm.

7.Different Data types in Map Reduce.

8.Writing a basic Map Reduce Program.

9.Creating Input and Output Formats in Map Reduce Jobs

10.Data localization in Map Reduce


1.Introduction to Apache Pig

2.Map Reduce Vs. Apache Pig

3.SQL vs. Apache Pig7

4.Different data types in Pig

5.Modes of Execution in Pig

6.Grunt shell

7.Loading data

8.Exploring Pig

9.Latin commands


1.Hive introduction

2.Hive architecture

3.Hive vs. RDBMS

4.HiveQL and the shell

5.Managing tables (external vs. managed)

6.Data types and schemas

7. Partitions and buckets


About faculty

Enhelion is an online education company providing online certified programmes. We are pioneers in this field and have perfected the art of providing education content over the internet to hundreds of students all over the world. Our advanced professional courses and related educational training certificate and diploma programmes are unique and for all working professionals and students.The courses are based on the intensity levels and prior knowledge levels required by the student. The highlight of the programmes is the use of technology, in addition to classroom teaching and the creation of an additional virtual classroom for the convenience of the student.

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